10 words you associate with home

Can you give me 10 individual words associated with ‘feeling at home’

cake stand flyer Quaker house
I am interested in exploring what ‘feeling at home’ means to us. Looking at how we feel at home, where we feel at home and what ‘feeling at home’ enables us to do or be.

Please can you send me up to 10 words that relate to ‘feeling at home’. (In other words when you feel comfortable in an environment or group and can be yourself.) You can think about it in as broad or narrow a way as you want, perhaps look at it in terms of accommodation, work, social and leisure situations. Many thanks.

Any words given to me will be used for my current game –  Home:  the Conversation. The conversations I hope to facilitate through this game will be around the benefits of being at home and consequently what we lose out on if we don’t have a place to feel at home.

Just to say that if you do send me words for the game, your words will be kept as a group, together, but you won’t be identified directly. The game may develop and the words merge with others according to how the players play the game.

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