Pippa Davismoon’s art practice primarily involves making kiln formed glass pieces and ceramic objects, often using them for participatory art events or games. More recently, work includes print and drawing also. Alongside fine art, her background includes education and community which fuels the interest in how objects can both enhance communication and enrich emotional life.

The theme of emotions is a constant and significant underpinning to the work in which ideas interact between form and surface. Many exciting opportunities are afforded when working with glass and ceramics; the work moves between whimsy and serious – abstracting lines, shapes or colour. By integrating drawing and colour, mark making and form, she journeys for resolutions.

Exhibitions include Text and the Object in Transition with 2 other members of the Luminiglass group at the Barbican Library, Blue Wall at the Jockey Club, Hong Kong and games made and played are Life, Home and Heritage played at Lloyd Park Walthamstow. Everyday Women exhibition In Cambridge and Goldsmiths in London included Sugar and Spice a conversation game.

contact : pippadavismoon@hotmail.com for enquiries about playing the games, future exhibitions or collaborations

To see other work go to Instagram page: #pippadavismoon

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