Conversation – a life game

What makes a rich and rewarding life that can be sustained over a lifetime?

Questions concerning text and objects are explored in this new work with the focus on how best to live a happy and sustainable life in the 21st century. In order to create an opportunity for contemplation, I created: Conversation a game of life,  to play and display. In this new interactive piece participants engage with significant words through objects thereby gaining a different perspective on their own lives and activities. While developing this work, the writing of Lisa Love and Nathaniel Kohn shaped my early thoughts on how objects can be souvenirs of events and may be a memory aid to internal emotional or aesthetic journeys.

conversation - a game of life exhibit at Barbican Library April 2015Conversation – a life game  exhibited at Barbican Library during April 2015

Contact me directly if you are interested in playing Conversation – a life game yourself or with a group of people you think would enjoy it.

conversation barbican library wednesday 15th April 2015

the game of life

 playing conversation in Barbican Library Tuesday 14th April

playing conversation at Barbican Library Saturday 18th April

conversation at Barbican terrace evening April 2015

1 thought on “Conversation – a life game

  1. Pippa this is all great! What a good way of being public with your work. (can my comments be seen?) I love these red bowl vases, think the colour is gorgeous and, like you, would love to see them on a bigger scale and even thicker. They’re beautiful. The deecals on ceramics also look really interesting with so many possibilities. I shall email you with news, but what a great way to look at work.

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